The Kre-Alkalyn ® from Vitobest allows any type of athlete to achieve the best benefits of creatine for more explosive results.

Vitobest's Kre-Alkalyn ® includes a bond that supplies a dose of energy when needed.

This sports supplement contains a type of creatine that has a higher pH than conventional creatine monohydrate and therefore has a slower absorption and conversion period, so the results that come with its consumption they are more durable. This special creatine allows for high absorption by the body, which reduces swelling and fluid retention, which are very common side effects of other creatine products. Scientific research has shown that conventional creatine becomes unstable and transforms into creatinine, a by-product of creatine with no physiological activity, when it comes into contact with liquids or the acidity of the stomach's pH. The rate of transformation of creatine is directly proportional to the pH of creatine, therefore, the lower the pH, the greater the susceptibility to convert into creatinine, and the transformation practically stops when the pH is close to 12.

The Kre-Alkalyn ® developed by Vitobest has a proprietary pH of 12. This unique storage capacity provides the ability to withstand the low pH environment of the stomach without losing its potency to act, making it the only creatine in the world that will not convert to creatinine before reaching the consumer's muscle cells. In addition, it prevents the side effects of conventional creatine. The advanced technology with which it was made, eliminates the need to perform the usual "loading phase" and does not present any type of problems such as fluid retention and muscle cramps, on the contrary it enhances the effects of creatine such as the increase in maximum strength, the improvement of explosive strength, the increase in hypertrophy also known as muscle growth,  Increased muscle congestion during workouts, excellent and complete Muscle recovery after a high-intensity workout with a low dosage as it has a very high level of absorption.

Properties of Kre - Alkalyn ® from Vitobest:

Increases muscle strength.

Optimizes recovery.

It has high absorption and stability.

Provides energy.

Stimulates muscle development.

The Kre-Alkalyn ® from Vitobest helps you increase the strength of your muscles by providing a dose of explosive energy. It also improves the recovery process.

Recommended use: As a food supplement, it is recommended to take 2 doses per day of 1.5 grams each if the consumer weighs less than 80 kg; 3 grams if you weigh between 80 - 90 kg and 4.5 grams if you weigh more than 90 kg. The first dose before training and the last one after training.

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